Florida State University Introduces the First Major in STEM Entrepreneurship Ever

Starting this fall of 2021, Florida State University is offering a major in STEM Entrepreneurship for the first time ever in a public university. By combining a student’s STEM background with their entrepreneurial aspirations, this program aims to promote innovation and commercialization in all STEM fields. It offers the best of both worlds by providing students with the resources and mentorship they need to refine their knowledge of STEM and commercialize their ideas.

Pioneering a New Brand of Entrepreneurs

 Now you may be thinking, why STEM Entrepreneurship? Why not a traditional degree in science, technology, engineering, or math? The answer is simple. Innovation and commercialization is happening all around us but nobody is teaching our future generations how to make the best of both worlds. Until now, students have only been given the choice to study one or the other; or spend a whole lot of time and money studying both.

With the introduction of this innovative educational path, students with the ambition to start their own company will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed from faculty experienced in this field. At the same time, they will have the chance to polish their understanding of any STEM field of their choice. This not only gives the students the chance to learn concepts taught almost nowhere else, it also promotes innovative ideas from our future generations.

“We want our graduates to be a whole new breed of CEO’s.”

-Jeff Whalen, STEM Entrepreneur in Residence at JMC

They must take classes specifically tailored to the STEM field of their choice alongside fundamental business classes aiming to help them commercialize their ideas. By surrounding them with incredible faculty and extensive resources, the students will have the opportunity to learn how to build their concepts into something tangible; under the supervision of proven scientific entrepreneurs.