Death Note x Bee Juice

Two DJs from south Florida came together for their debut performances at TK Lounge in Tampa, FL. These local artists came to us looking for some professional photography & videography at arguably one of the most important events in their career up to this point. We’ll let our work speak for itself…


Traveling Bard Coffee

A local startup here in Tallahassee with seriously some of the best coffee our team has ever had. As they began expanding on social media, they came to us look for a mood board and some content. Here’s what we came up with…

Pour. Drink. Repeat.

Dunsel's Sailbags

Easily one of our favorite brands to work with, the team over at Dunsel’s are some absolute legends. Their creative approach to sustainability has resulted in them upcycling over 3000 pounds of plastic (and climbing). Here’s a snapshot of what we delivered for this particular project.


Private Reciepts

One of our very first social media clients and one of the most technologically advanced companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Since it’s a software company, we stuck with graphic design rather than traditional photography and this is what we came up with…

Fast & Easy
Yoga App Promo

The Quad God

An absolute beast in the gym and one of the most dedicated body builders in the game, Dan Shroyer (The Quad God) came to us with a simple request; to make him look the strongest he ever has. The results were incredible and have already gained him tens of thousands of likes and views on social media.